Guide to the Western Vibe

Want to have that heritage Western feeling in your home?

Get the vibe at home with accessories that have a Texan feel! Inspired by nature, artisans craft sand-cast aluminum into themes of plants and animals that add elegance to the dining experience. Create a timeless look with unique tableware, giftware, and barware.

These elegant pieces are made with artistic integrity and uncompromising quality, and since all of these pieces are handmade, no two pieces are ever exactly alike.


Sleek Horn Serving Set


Horseshoe Bowl


Longhorn Salad Bowl


Cowboy Boot Salt and Pepper Set


Longhorn Serving Set

Whether you are mere steps from your barn or no where near wide open spaces, you can still use this Texan timeless vibe for some serious style inspiration!

Fur Fabulous

A fur accessory is just what your home needs for a little glamour.


Coyote Flap Pillow


Springbok Small Pillow


Springbok Large Pillow

Studio Faves | Lighting Styles

Give any room in your home an effortless update with a new stylish lighting option. From a textured fabric shade pendant to an iron chandelier with tons of intricate detail, we’ve got the lighting solution for you.



Lazare Chandelier

This five sided transitional hand-wrought iron chandelier is the perfect lighting solution for a Tuscan-inspired decor palette. Each chandelier is hand painted with silver and light gold iridescent brush strokes on the leaves for a stunning look.







Otomi Pendant

This pendant has a shade embroidered by the Otomi Indians in the mountains of central Mexico. Every shade will be different but all will be fabulous individual pieces of art. The funky finial is handcrafted paper mache that has been gold leafed.







Palu Hanging Light

This iron hanging light combines classic design with traditional construction techniques, resulting in a piece that will last and continue to look good for years to come. Because each piece is so rustic, they may have blemishes which add to the look and character.







Crystal Globe Pendant

This crystal pendant is a stunning focal point for any room. Use at the center of your dining room, or group together in the living room for a larger scale. Tiny crystals sparkle in the light and the sphere shape keeps the eye moving.







Rotunda Wood Chandelier

The next big thing in industrial lighting! Wood meets iron, rustic meets industrial, casual meets elegant. A win-win.







Aged Iron Pendant

This 4 light pendant will enhance your home with a perfect mix of form and function. Aged iron “cage” is finished with a wax by hand. Understated beauty.







Erika Chandelier Light

This 36 light chandelier will enhance your home with the perfect mix of form and function. The aged iron is finished with a wax by hand. Busting with style, this chandelier is sure to be the biggest focal point of any room.

Gift List | For the Party Host

Say thank you to friends and family for hosting this month with a thoughtful gift. From a unique salad server to stunning dining accessories, embrace any new season with elegance!

Swirl Glass Tumblers: These stylish tumblers are perfect for the party-thrower. Give with an assortment of cocktail bitters for a perfectly paired gift.

Park Avenue Throw: Another cozy throw is never amiss. Surprise the host with this gorgeous tribal-print option.

Black Serving Utensil Set: A beautiful, marbleized black serving spoon and fork set will bring a glamorous touch to any table. Tie one on to your favorite cookbook for a thoughtful gift.


Antique Picture Frame: An antiqued nickel-finished frame is classic, elegant, and timeless.

Lucienne Dish: A host can set multiples of these trays out with an array of appetizers, or leave them as a dining table centerpiece.

Small Boxes: Antiqued, elegant, and topped with gems — these unique boxes are perfect for everything from trinkets to jewelry.

Studio Faves | Textural Décor

Texture Elevates

Texture in a home adds character to décor and is often the statement feature of a room. It also adds dimension to a neutral color palette when you mix textures. From an ultra-chic zebra hide cabinet to a 3D wall art sculpture, infuse every space with style & texture.

5 Ways to Elevate Your Space for Fall

1. Rich Tones

Earthy woods and warm copper metallics make a seriously sophisticated combination for autumn. Natural wood textures amp up the luxe factor of any space, whether it’s a bright cherry wood table or a decadent reclaimed wood sideboard.

2. Storied Objects

From geode objects and candles with a weathered finish to an elegant gold leaf tray, our new accents feature timeless designs with a casual appeal — perfect for any seasonal vignette.

3. Luxurious Seating

Look for graceful silhouettes paired with lavish leather upholstery. Whether an armchair or a sofa, it creates a lovely blend of old and new that will elevate your living area.

4. Delicate Layers

Ultra-soft cotton and simple fringe make an irresistible combination; drape a patterned throw on your favorite armchair or at the foot of the bed for an effortless update.

5. A Plush Landing

Our antique-inspired rugs will add dimension to any space, not to mention an abundance of refined style. Create a global feel with a handwoven patterned rug, and then head for a plush sofa that’s ultra-comfortable and sophisticated.

Upholstery Details


For an elegant, one-of-a-kind look, it’s all in the details. When choosing upholstered furniture, let intricate designs set the tone for the piece and your space, whether it’s ornate diamond tufting on a sofa or streamlined piping on an armchair. See the breakdown of tufting styles, cushion types, and chic accents for more ideas.





As the most traditional type of tufting, button tufting typically features box seams with a round button in the center of each stitch. This traditional style adds timeless detail and depth to any piece.






This style tufting offers a chic, luxe look with button tufting in a diamond-shaped pattern on a single cushion back.






For traditional style with a simple, streamlined finish, consider a sofa or armchair with button-less tufting on the cushions. Button-less tufting creates a quilt-like pattern on a sofa or armchair.






Create a pared-down look with a touch of detail with channel tufting. This style features a series of straight seams along the cushion, either vertically or horizontally.






This streamlined design is achieved with a single cushion and tight tailoring along the back of a sofa or chair, rather than multiple cushions.






For a plush, sumptuous look and feel, consider a cushion back for your sofa or armchair. Cushion-back pieces feature multiple cushions, which are often removable, instead of one large upholstered section.




For an update to a traditional or vintage silhouette, look no further. Nail heads are rounded metal buttons, reminiscent of industrial nail heads, which line the edges of a piece for decorative flair.





Welting creates a high quality, finished look for any piece. Welting consists of a cord covered in fabric that lines the the seams of an upholstered piece and outlines the shape of each section or cushion.








Exposed wood, whether it’s carved legs or an entire frame, evokes a luxurious, handcrafted feel when combined with upholstery in a single piece.

Metal & Wood – A Perfect Match

In interior design, balance is EVERYTHING.

When trying to find a perfect balance for your space, use interior design 101: elements you already have like lines, shapes, colors, textures, patterns, light, proportion, and materials.

We really love the dichotomy between wood and metal – the warmth of wood combined with the coolness of metal creates a balanced blend that keeps your eye moving throughout the space. Wood is soft, and has a natural charming quality that makes us feel comforted. It feels “alive” and embracing. Wood has a strong connection with the origins of workmanship itself, evoking memories of the ancestral craftsmanship. Metal has a roughness that reminds us of strength; it’s powerful and attractive in a more masculine way than wood, but just as seductive.

The pairing provides us with a great union of materials: nature combined with an industrial vibe.

Tips & Tricks: Using Symmetry for Balance

The human eye is naturally inclined to find symmetrical designs appealing. So it’s no surprise that when designing a room, our designers often double up on everything from chairs to end tables to floor lamps, essentially creating two matching halves that add up to one gorgeous room.

Designing with symmetry in mind adds a sense of balance to your room. But a good rule of thumb is to try and add something that sets off the symmetry just a bit.


Center point: The dining table
Pairing strategy: Table lamps, accent chairs, or sculptural objects
Throw the symmetry off with: A table collection



Center point: The console table
Pairing strategy: Baskets, table lamps, or stools
Throw the symmetry off with: A catchall tray or miscellaneous objects


Center point: The bed
Pairing strategy: Nightstands, table lamps, or artwork
Throw the symmetry off with: Throw pillows or books

Design Class: Luxe And Livable Spaces

Making your home feel both sophisticated and livable is not so simple in reality. Should chairs match exactly? Where to start with mixing accents?  In a quest to demystify that effortless look we love, we break down the elements to master the imperfectly polished look in our own homes.

Lesson No. 1:


Start with easy decorating additions that make substantial statements — a gesture that extends to all rooms of your house. Often you find the best juxtapositions when you just buy what you love and move it around until it finds the perfect placement. Sometimes it’s not about finding the perfect object to complete a room but finding the perfect place for a piece you love.

Here we combined a large, bold statement piece artwork with a massive stone dining table. The colors in the painting are vibrant, while the colors in the table are more muted and calming.

Lesson No. 2:


Furnishings and accents that have stood the test of time share a sense of history and have natural affinity, making them easy to mix and match. Arranged together, these pieces make an eye-catching vignette. We love objects that evoke conversation and things that have a clear history. Try grouping objects and motifs that have historical and classical roots. Chances are, they’ll come together for a display that feels both effortless and surprisingly elegant.

Here we combined a vintage microscope with a few modern accessories. A Grecian-like statue head juxtaposes more sleek and modern pottery.

Lesson No. 3:


We love great shapes and interesting silhouettes. While each piece stands out as singularly beautiful, together they add up to a look that’s artful and rich with personality. It’s an elegant yet playful design mix of streamlined, sumptuous, and salvaged elements. To recreate an equally layered and cohesive look in your home, try combining vintage finds, upholstery, and modern pieces that share similar shapes or curves.

The funky shape of this windmill is a great contrast against the sleek, clean lines of this abstract artwork and reclaimed wood and tin console piece. Add two unique cylinder accents for a well-rounded look.