Make Your Outdoor Space Incredible

Kick back under the sun with this stylish outdoor dining area. Whether you have a porch, pool, or patio, The Arrangement can help you create a luxurious outside space to take full advantage of the warm weather coming our way.

Katherine Snedeker, owner and head designer of The Arrangement, designed this fabulous outdoor space for her clients.

The rustic setting features earthy colors and decor. The sitting area in this outdoor dining room blends into the surrounding natural environment and is an ideal setting for entertaining.

The dark wood furniture is sturdy enough to survive the harsh sun in Texas, but elegant enough to serve your guests a unique experience.

The outdoor table is a rustic, one-of-a-kind feature of this room, with sturdy block legs held together with two vintage bars and an easy to clean top that’s large enough for several guests.

The outdoor fireplace and built in grill add to the whole experience, while the TV brings a bit of the indoors, out.

The hand-picked pottery pieces complement the natural hues found nearby the sitting area, and the simplistic piece on the table adds function and form to the outdoor table.

What an inviting place to relax with a glass of wine in the evening!

Dallas Home Makeover

When it comes to home renovation, we all encounter the same challenges and pitfalls. See how Katherine Snedeker, owner and head designer at The Arrangement, transformed this custom Dallas, TX home for her clients. All of the hard work has certainly paid off!

They have a lot of windows all throughout the home and the light bounces off the furniture during the day, making the rooms feel much more open and airy.

She accented all the rooms of this lovely home with the clients’ favorite items from The Arrangement.


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Travel Much? Check This Out!

Travel woes begone! Planes of the future bring luxury back to the skies!

  • Even economy seats are a minimum of 18″ wide.

  • The lighting in the cabin can be changed to reflect the time of day.

Social media continues to alter the way we consume information. Breaking news on Facebook and Twitter, gathering intel on Instagram–social media’s influence has no bounds. Using these techniques, Aircraft manufacturer Airbus scoured social media for concerns, complaints and airline comparisons from frequent travelers. The company used the feedback to create its latest airplane model, Airspace. Some complaints included insufficient overhead space, a lack of broadband service, lackluster lighting and less-than-stellar lavatories. The result? A state-of-the-art cabin that gives travelers a lot more SPACE.

“Airspace is how Airbus will brand its interiors from now on,” explains vice president of strategy and marketing Dr. Kiran Rao. “We want passengers to get on and think ‘This is an Airspace cabin’.” Check out their video below!

And what can customers expect from the new interiors? Increased overhead space and wider seats–18 inches will be the economy seat standard, which is a first of its kind. Additionally, Airspace will provide a quieter cabin, a lavatory with antibacterial surfaces, built-in broadband for easy Internet access and a fourth generation in-flight entertainment system available at every seat.

Ready to take that vacation now?

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5 Essentials for Every Bedroom



    A beautifully arranged bedroom simply requires a well designed bed. Whether you are creating a luxurious rustic boudoir or an elegant, western space, choose a bed frame that fits both the room and your aesthetic.




    The bedding is the focal point of your space, so make it your own. Mix a patterned duvet with a printed sheet, layer on a quilt, and add euro shams to make it your favorite place to be.

Come See Us Today at Fair Park!

Earth Day

Katherine Snedeker, owner and head designer of The Arrangement in Dallas and Houston, will be a guest speaker at Earth Day Texas this weekend. The panel will feature a discussion covering how design decisions impact the health of our home environments now, and in the future. Join us April 24th at 11am to see The Arrangement’s speech.



It can be difficult to watch or read the news today and not be disheartened by the seemingly endless number of issues negatively impacting our environment. At Earth Day Texas, we believe everyone can play a role in creating more positive headlines through awareness, innovation, and progressive action. It is up to us to work together to build a more sustainable future.
As a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization focused on environmental education and awareness, Earth Day Texas has created the world’s largest annual forum for sharing the latest initiatives, discoveries, research, innovations, policies, products, and corporate practices that are reshaping our world.


This three-day free event on April 22-24th is held to celebrate progress, hope, and innovation and is the largest event in the world of its kind. Earth Day Texas brings together environmental organizations, businesses, academic institutions, government agencies, speakers, interactive programming, and subject matter experts. Attendees will also enjoy numerous outdoor experiences, including live music, sustainable beer and food pavilions, electric bike test tracks, and family activities. Earth Day Texas creates a fun and engaging atmosphere for thought and experiential learning while encouraging attendees to be the change they wish to see in the world.

Earth Day Texas Website HERE

What’s Trending: Copper

Why You Should Decorate With Copper

Try a new metallic this year with stunning copper, in both polished and beautiful bronzed tones. It’s a perfect way to add some warmth to your home and shining accessories can give a simple decorating scheme a modern edge that will look good all year round.


Copper Canyon Bed: This hand crafted hammer rustic copper bed features hand hammered and fired copper – just like the old world tradition – giving it many variations and making each copper panel a work of art, as no two copper panels will match.


Copper Bookshelf: This beautiful bookcase can be added on in either direction to give a built-in look to a space.


Cirque Copper Console: A copper facade wrapped in wood with a hand-hammered design, this copper console has dramatic appeal with a modern touch.


Wine Pub Table: A great mix of copper and wood, this bar table is a rustic piece to show off your wine style.


Falling Leaf Coffee Table: Who says that your coffee table has to be all wood? Our copper leaf-shaped coffee table is an organic, cool way to add surface space to a seating area.


Chunky Copper Coffee Table: Our thick hammered copper top coffee table has an 8″ inch copper portion for its table top.


Perry Nesting Tables: This unique trio of industrial modern end tables offers scalable style that’s sprawling when you need it, but compact when you don’t.


Valencia End Table: With a textured iron base, large hand pounded iron clavos around the top, and hand hammered copper top, this piece is sure to WOW.


Artisan Copper Nightstand: Bring the bold look of copper to your bedroom with this nightstand.

National Blues Museum Opens

The National Blues Museum in St. Louis, Missouri has opened its doors to the public.

Muddy Waters likeness inside the museum. (Photographs courtesy of the National Blues Museum)

Muddy Waters likeness inside the museum. (Photographs courtesy of the National Blues Museum)


The sprawling 23,000-square-foot space is packed with interactive exhibits and memorabilia that span the genre’s rich history and diverse styles. Throughout the years, St. Louis has been home to such blues influenced musicians as W.C. Handy, Henry “Mule” Townsend, Miles Davis, Ike and Tina Turner, Little Milton, and Chuck Berry, among others. “The blues mean something different to everyone,” says museum director Dion Brown, “which is why this museum is so heavily interactive.” The new museum pays homage to all those sounds and more. Below we have listed reasons you should visit, but for more information, head to their website HERE.

Reasons you should visit:

1. Be a blues musician for the day. Plug your email into a kiosk the start of the museum to write your own blues lyric. Move through the exhibit halls and by logging in with your email at various workstations you can add prerecorded guitar, harmonica, and piano lines to the lyric you created when you entered the museum. You can also learn to play the washboard or the spoons and then bang out a few riffs alongside digital street performers.

Interactive jug band exhibit.

Interactive jug band exhibit.


2. Try your hand at producing. The Mix it Up Experience lets you play with various blues styles, blending sounds to create your own composition. When you’re happy with the result, you can create your own cover art and email yourself an mp3.

The National Blues Museum in St. Louis, Missouri


3. Hear from the artists themselves. A new traveling exhibit “Blues at Home: Mississippi’s Living Blues Legends” pairs thirty-one paintings of Mississippi-based musicians with oral histories from each subject, including David “Honeyboy” Edwards, Bobby Rush, and the late B.B. King.

Suitcases representing the artists who left the South during the Great Migration.

Suitcases representing the artists who left the South during the Great Migration.


4. No matter your musical preferences, there’s something here for everyone. Legend has it that W.C. Handy penned “St. Louis Blues,” one of the genre’s most famous tracks, while sitting on the city’s riverfront. And though the St. Louis blues get its share of the spotlight, so do the jazz-inflected Memphis blues, the smooth soulful Delta blues, the grittier percussion-heavy Hill Country blues, and more. You’ll also discover the roots of jazz, country, R&B, and hip-hop here.

Jim McClaren’s collection of 900+ harmonicas.

Jim McClaren’s collection of 900+ harmonicas.


5. Oh, and there’s live music, too. Because there is no better way to experience the blues than to hear it first-hand, the museum built a one-hundred-seat theater that will host touring musicians with stops in St. Louis as well as regular shows.

Living legend Chuck Berry is celebrated in an exhibit.


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Friday Feast: Buenos Aires Cuisine

6 Places to Eat in Buenos Aires

It’s almost summer time here in Texas, which means long days, long nights, plenty of sun, and VACATION! For your next trip, consider visiting Buenos Aires.

Famed for its meat and its wine, Argentina’s culinary scene is a tour de force. In Buenos Aires you can find a wide range of options, from traditional beef grilled over a wood fire to high tea served in a winter garden. As in the rest of the city, the restaurant decor is a delightful blend of Latin American vibrancy and classical European aesthetics. On your next trip, be sure to visit these stylish spots for delicious food, chic atmosphere, and a great time.


Photo courtesy of


The Four Seasons Hotel Buenos Aires recently unveiled Elena, a contemporary dining room inspired by the glamorous life of Elena Peña Unzué, whose husband commissioned the gorgeous fin-de-siècle mansion on the hotel’s grounds. With double-height ceilings and a dramatic spiral staircase leading to balcony-level tables, this 123-seat restaurant evokes a bygone grandeur. Black-and-white marble floors laid in a herringbone pattern, leather wall tiles, and metallic pendant lights add modern style. WEBSITE


Photo courtesy of

Photo courtesy of


This relaxed restaurant inside Palermo’s hip Fierro Hotel recently welcomed a new chef and debuted refurbished interiors. Striated Guayubira wood from the Misiones Province was used to cover most of the walls, which are hung with bucolic images by photographer Jocelyn Mandryk. Rhombus-patterned leather benches and wicker-back chairs complete the contemporary yet rustic look. Named after Mendoza’s famous wine region, Uco offers more than 300 labels that complement its menu of local meats and housemade charcuterie. WEBSITE


Photo courtesy of

Photo courtesy of


This speakeasy-style destination in Palermo was designed by Hitzig Militello Architects, who transformed an abandoned depot into a fictional 19th-century factory, complete with heavy steel doors, eroded brick walls, and handpicked vintage machinery. The centerpiece of the dimly lit space is a sculptural vintage clock behind the bar. Circular bench seats upholstered in leather provide a subtle contemporary touch. While cocktails are the specialty, Victoria Brown also offers small plates. WEBSITE


Photo courtesy of


This chic new restaurant in Palermo Casa Sur Hotel has a cosmopolitan vibe thanks to black leather sofas, dark wood tables, polished cement floors, and white tiled walls. Toward the back is an outdoor terrace decorated with hanging ivies and iron furniture. 6to Brasserie is led by brothers Alejo, Tomás, and Martín Waisman of the successful Sottovoce restaurant group; here the focus is on seafood and beef grilled over a wood fire. WEBSITE


Photo courtesy of Pinterest

Photo courtesy of Pinterest


With picture-perfect pastries and clean-lined interiors, Ninina is one of the most photographed spots in the city. Decorated in Scandinavian style by Estudio Verardo, the bakery in Palermo is clad in blonde wood and square white tiles. You’ll find copper lighting here and a 45-foot-long marble counter used to display homemade baked goods. There are savory items as well, including brunch classics like scrambled eggs and gravlax. WEBSITE


Photo courtesy of

Photo courtesy of


Hub Porteño, a Belle Époque–style boutique hotel in Recoleta, is home to the highly praised Tarquino. Set in a glass-roofed room with a 100-year-old fig tree growing at its center, this elegant restaurant was recently updated by interior designer Valeria Bonnano and architect Ivan Robredo. Large white resin lamps hang from the ceiling and are surrounded by painted birds made by artist Josefina Robirosa, creating a cinematic atmosphere inspired by the sky above. Former El Bulli chef Dante Liporace pays homage to his native Argentina with offerings like “sequence of the cow,” a head-to-tail tasting menu. WEBSITE

Post courtesy of Architectural Digest.

How to Lie Like a Southerner

Falsehood. Story. Lie. Whatever you call it, fudging a little here and there is what makes Southern storytelling so colorful. Telling exaggerated stories isn’t just fun—it’s part of Southern heritage.

Adam Booth performs at Bear on the Square Mountain Festival in Dahlonega, Georgia. (Photograph by Margo Booth)

Adam Booth performs at Bear on the Square Mountain Festival in Dahlonega, Georgia. (Photograph by Margo Booth)

Adam Booth, a four-time West Virginia Liar’s Contest champion who teaches Appalachian Studies classes at Shepherd University in Shepherdstown, West Virginia, tells his students that lying is regionally relevant. “Appalachian industries like railroading, coal mining, and timbering contributed to the health and vitality of lying,” he says. “While people were working they’d brag about how much rail they laid, how much wood they chopped, or how they ‘shot a gun and the one bullet didn’t just kill a deer but it killed a whole flock of birds and a bear.’”

The Bear on the Square Mountain Festival on April 16-17 brings together ambitious liars willing to put their storytelling chops to the test. It’s just one of the handful of bona fide lying festivals across the South – see also the Texas State Liars Contest in November and the Mountain Mack Liar’s Contest each spring in Virginia.

Booth has been a guest judge and performer at multiple lying festivals, so here he shares his best tips for telling a harmless tall tale:

1. Base the lie on some truth

Root the retelling in an event that actually happened. “Usually in lying contests, one of the categories you’re judged on is the believability of the story,” Booth says. He keeps a notebook of nearly unbelievable things that happen to him. Build a house of exaggeration on a solid foundation of truth.

2. Tell a story in pictures, not words

“I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had that moment of dread watching someone who memorized a story and can’t remember what they were saying because they were reciting and lost their place,” Booth says. Describe a big-picture scene before telling details within it. Your audience is more likely to believe something they can play out in their minds, and you’re less likely to forget what you were saying.

3. Don’t save the whopper for the end

A lot of liars will build up to a big, unbelievable finish. Booth has a different tactic—“I start lying as soon as possible with details that seem believable,” he says. Within the first minute of a story, he’s already dropping half-truths. “My details keep escalating, so it’s not such a big hit at the end. But when people snap out of it, they’re left wondering, ‘how did we get to this point?’”

4. Keep your body language in check

Plenty of self-help articles describe how to detect a liar—a left eye twitch or a face scratch. But over years of competitive lying, Booth has noticed something simpler—people shift their weight when they lie. “When they are really starting to stretch the truth, they lean forward and go on the tip of their toes or bend their waist out,” he says. “If you’re not used to looking for it, it’s too subtle.”

5. Mind your audience

Even if it’s just one person, pay attention to what hooks them. If something makes your audience laugh, bring back those details to pull the listener full circle. Practice helps. “Sit at the counter of your local donut shop and talk to the regulars, or gather people in your living room,” Booth says. “It’s great to get all those experiences because you learn how to react to the listeners.”

And remember that old adage: Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction.

Post and photos courtesy of Garden & Gun.

Where to Get Crawfish in Houston

What's your go-to stop this crawfish season? (Photo courtesy The Cajun Kitchen Facebook page)

What’s your go-to stop this crawfish season? (Photo courtesy The Cajun Kitchen Facebook page)

There’s no season quite like crawfish season, especially in Houston. We wait for months to get our hands on the seasoned mud bugs, which feature an array of signature seasonings and fixings. While the restaurants that offer crawfish are abundant, we’re highlighting 6 go-tos for the season.

6154 Westheimer Road, 713.339.2566; 2710 Montrose Blvd., 713.524.4499; 3139 Richmond Ave., 713.807.1300; 2701 White Oak Dr., 713.868.8000; 406 West Grand Parkway South, Katy, 281.665.7843
An H-Town favorite, BB’s cafe offers Cajun crawfish with a Texas twist. The Tex-Orleans mud bugs are smothered in the restaurant’s signature BB’s paste and can be paired with the obligatory corn and potatoes; or upgrade your pounds with boiled shrimp and a sausage link.



4730 Richmond Ave., 713.621.6602
Get your Cajun crawfish fix at Bayou City Seafood. The Galleria-area eatery is a favorite among Houstonians, some of whom deem it “the best crawfish in town.”



6938 S. Wilcrest Dr., 281.495.8881
Thai-style crawfish is at your fingertips at Cajun Kitchen. Cajun Kitchen offers crawfish covered in Thai basil and green onion; or opt for the Kitchen Special, which showcases crawfish flavored with oranges, lemons, garlic, onions and butter. The Vietnamese-style grilled oysters are also a treat.

Don’t miss Cajun Kitchen’s seafood boil.

Don’t miss Cajun Kitchen’s seafood boil.

2130 Jefferson St., 713.222.8333
You don’t have to drive five hours for a taste of Louisiana. East Downtown’s The Cajun Stop offers a Louisiana-style boil even natives appreciate. Try the Krazie Bucket, the restaurant’s mound of crawfish, sausage, corn, potatoes, and snow crab. Did we mention there’s also New Orleans-style Po-Boys and take-out daquiris?



11360 Bellaire Blvd., 281.988.8098
The name Crawfish and Noodles speaks for itself. The restaurant’s crawfish was recently featured on Andrew Zimmern’s Bizarre Foods.



1039 Yale St., 832.767.4002
Eight Row Flint is ringing in its first crawfish season with a bang. The whiskey-centric icehouse, which is known for its tacos, is treating its customers to a crawfish boil every Tuesday from 4 to 10 pm.

Head to Eight Row Flint for a crawfish boil every Tuesday.

Head to Eight Row Flint for a crawfish boil every Tuesday.

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