Shop the Look: Seaglass Blue

This custom look of seaglass blues and earthy tones is a collected, cohesive living room with loads of style.

The curved nature of this leather couch lends itself to the perfect spot for lounging. Nail head accents and criss-cross patterning bring flair alive. Add pattern with these plush pillows.

The mesquite side table adds a unique touch of whimsy to the look and begs to tell a story to those who visit. Turquoise inlay brings color to the dark piece.

A large seaglass blue table lamp always looks nice paired with other accessories, and adds an artistic and dramatic touch.

Hiding in the background we’ve added a mahogany wood sideboard with tons of spare room, and brought in a modern touch with this abstract art. The lamp is muted in color but bold in style, and the horse pottery brings more organic curves to the scene.