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Make Your Home Twice as Nice

There’s never been a better time to refresh your space! Now through October 31, take advantage of The Arrangement’s Buy One, Get One Half-Off Event.* We’ve updated our showroom, have new collections, and an array of exquisite home furnishings and accessories for you to peruse.


Lavish Living

Sitting in Style

Enjoy Fine Dining


Inspired Living

*Disclaimer: Offer valid through October 31. Cannot be combined with any other offer. Some exclusions may apply.

We Updated Our Home. It’s Your Turn.

We’ve just given our showroom a complete makeover, incorporating our three new collections throughout.

This virtual tour demonstrates how lighting, rugs, and accessories give a fresh look to any home. Something as simple as adding a statement piece transforms any room and changes the atmosphere.

But don’t stop there: Bring in the unexpected. An unusual chandelier or a new pop of color via artwork or textiles can accentuate your unique style and create a show-stopping room.

Sleep in Luxury, Wake up in Comfort

The Arrangement invites you to experience our sophisticated, interactive bedding—exceptionally comfortable and complimentary of almost any decor. We have coordinated the bedding to correspond to each of our new furniture collections, it’s available in the fresh and unexpected feel of Open Range, the warm tones of Primitive Timber and the unique patterns of Ice Tribal.

Leather Care from The Arrangement

With all luxury items, there is care required. You have made an investment that will last decades. Since leather is a natural product, aging brings out its natural patina making it more beautiful over time. Before applying ANY products, you should always know what type of leather you have chosen.

  • Dust on a semi-annual basis with a soft cloth.
  • If you stain your furniture use a damp cloth to immediately dab off any excess. Do not rub. Do not use excess water, as water staining will occur.
  • Do not use household cleaning products.
  • Do not use a hair dryer at any time to dry the leather.
  • If you use a recommended leather-cleaning product, always pay attention to the instructions and test on an inconspicuous area first.
  • Leather protection cream can be applied — to offer more protection against staining and scratching but this may alter the color of the leather.
  • When applying recommended creams, always pay attention to the instructions and test on an inconspicuous area first.

Most furniture warranties are voided after using products on leather goods. Protection plans are available. The best protection for any item purchased is the protection plan offered by The Arrangement before the items are delivered.

Leather furnishings are available for the following:

Rustic Luxury Reimagined

After months of anticipation, The Arrangement is at last unveiling its new collections. Katherine
has created each item with her characteristic eye for detail, passion for luxury, and heart for
sustainability. Available August 1.

Take a look at our new Ice Tribal, Primitive Timber and Open Range collections.


What “wood” you do?


Bring an organic wood element into your home. It’s unexpected, it’s an update, it works with traditional styling.

Beautiful, wooden pieces

Retail at its Sustainable Best!

[A recent issue of Furniture World Magazine featured The Arrangement, providing a great deal of insight into the care we take in creating sustainable, one-of-a-kind furniture. This article does a great job of sharing our vision and our passion. This article is reprinted with permission from Furniture World Magazine copyright 2018. All rights reserved.]

Texas retailer provides “The Best of the New West” with an elevated design sensibility, a commitment to customer service, sustainability and conservation.

The Arrangement sprang into action more than three decades ago, led by Katherine Snedeker, founder, president and interior designer. Winner in 2016 of the National ARTS Award for Best Furniture Showroom in the United States, The Arrangement, in the fall of 2017, then achieved the Sustainable Furnishings Council’s coveted #GetYourGreenOn accolade, the Sustainable Design Excellence Award.

This spring Katherine was responsible for the renovation of one of the Platinum Level clubs at the American Airlines Centre in Dallas, executed entirely with sustainable and environmentally responsible casual luxury furnishings, all designed by Snedeker and crafted from natural and reclaimed materials. The Centre itself, home base of the Dallas Mavericks and the Dallas Stars, has won many architectural and design awards.

At The Arrangement’s two locations, Dallas and Houston, each with 15,000 square feet of showroom space, Katherine and her Team offer her own line of the truly unique, a distillation of western heritage once “mom and pop” home furnishings elevated to exciting, bespoke high-end, elegant interpretations of interior spaces and furnishings. What Arrangement calls, “The Best of the New West”. [Read more…]

Rustic Modern


Spurs and saddles brought us the history and design influence, and now the American West has a new direction, brought to you by The Arrangement. The Rustic Modern look features big timbers, honest elements, refined rough textures, ranch artifacts, and is reclaimed and sustainable. Not the stars at night… but just as timeless.

Check out the extended look.

Earth Day… #GetYourGreenOn

Texas has the largest Earth Day and conservation support system on the planet, from tiny houses powered by solar energy to save the sea turtle organizations. Plus, it’s very-verrrrry kid-friendly.

The Arrangement has been committed to eco-friendly, sustainable home furnishings for 30 years. It’s very important to us that we all take responsibility for healthier, cleaner environments… it is one of our core values.

Katherine’s dedication to healthier, sustainable environments was recently recognized by The Sustainable Furnishings Council (the watchdog of furnishings). SFC presented her with top honors in their annual #GetYourGreenOn interior design competition. Katherine earned this prestigious award because of the innovative way she repurposed a 1970s warehouse into an eco-friendly residential living space.

The Arrangement believes that luxurious living should also be ‘beautifully sustainable.’

Let Your Imagination Run Wild

Wild Imagination

Inspiration for the Next New Idea

Whether your design preference leans toward modern rustic, eclectic style, cattle baron, or pure elegance, The Arrangement is your complete source for inspiration.

Sole owner and interior designer, Katherine Snedeker, creates timeless, custom pieces for your home that are the essence of luxurious comfort.

The Arrangement carries a full range of unique, handcrafted items that can’t be found anywhere else. Whatever your style is, The Arrangement will inspire you to turn your home into a stunning masterpiece. Browse some of our design ideas and let your imagination run wild with endless possibilities.


“The key to creating a truly inspired room is to fashion a variety of pieces and materials that work together flawlessly.”