The Arrangement History

Where do you go to find amazing one-of-a-kind pieces of furniture?  The Arrangement.

The best name in unique handcrafted furniture that is custom designed or gathered from the far corners of the world by Katherine Snedeker.  Snedeker is the builder, brain and creativity behind the brand. She approaches interiors with energy and humor and makes everyone part of the process–making it very enjoyable. From client testimonials to industry acclaim, Katherine has garnered recognition for her curatorial excellence in putting everything together beautifully.

What started 28 years ago with a small company has grown into an entire realm of rustic, western furniture, redefining western style. Using her innate ability to arrange unique furnishings and accessories, Katherine hand picks materials from around the world for once-in-a-lifetime pieces, creating interiors never to be found elsewhere. This distinguishing mega-skill has given rise to her original home furnishings and a deeper understanding that the placement of pieces is what makes any room inviting and inclusive–hence the name The Arrangement. Snedeker has the vision of giving folks the ability to see their own environments in a showroom laid out to their exact room dimensions and to fill it with extraordinary pieces.

Katherine’s philosophy is that of a World Traveler: finding and collecting pieces and having them all work together–where nothing is matched. Over the past decade, Snedeker has pioneered the excellence of rustic modern interiors by offering custom, artistic designs in a continuously changing showroom.

When you are transported into the world of The Arrangement online, you can shop for unique products for your home, find one-of-a-kind pieces and exquisite gifts, and so much more. Because our items are so uniquely special, pieces may only be available for a short period of time. Every week we offer exceptional value on unique and vintage pieces. For a real snapshot of what we have to offer, come by one of our locations to see the wonders of our world. Due to the nature of one-of-a-kind pieces, be sure to shop often!

Winner of the National 2016 Arts Award for Best Showrooms in the United States, The Arrangement takes pride in the experience you will have walking through the showrooms; it will be nothing short of memorable and magical. With locations in both Houston and Dallas, you will find everything from upholstery and bedrooms to dining for every occasion. Are you looking for something no one else has? There is a place–where Katherine’s creative and meticulous marriage of texture, pattern and color will be. Own a piece of history and give it a new story–today. Katherine Snedeker invites you to come in and see it when you can. Don’t make us the last place you visit, see the BEST first!