Living For Zachary

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Living for Zachary was founded in honor of Zachary Schrah, who was only 16 years old when he collapsed during a high school football practice in Plano on April 2, 2009. There was no warning. There were no signs. After Zachary’s death, Living for Zachary, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, was established to raise awareness of undiagnosed heart issues in teens.

Mission: Living for Zachary is dedicated to raising awareness of sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) in youth and saving lives through community education and awareness events, promoting youth heart screenings, awarding student scholarships and donating automated external defibrillators (AEDs) to youth-based organizations.

Who We Are: Trying to cope with Zac’s death, a group of mothers began researching the incidents of SCA in young student athletes. We were shocked to learn that nationwide 10,000 young people die each year from SCA (according to the American Heart Association). That is 28 a day! Not only is that figure staggering, we feel it is absolutely unacceptable when it can be prevented in many cases.

The research also revealed that SCA is a SILENT KILLER striking the seemingly healthy and fit without symptoms or warning. When we learned that simple cardiac testing can detect the potential for SCA with 99% accuracy but is not the current standard of care for routine or sport physical examinations, we were called to action. A sad but true fact is that most insurance carriers will not cover cardiac testing unless there are symptoms. But again, in most cases there are no symptoms.

Since its inception in June 2009, the core group of mothers has grown to include fathers, students, friends, businesses, schools, medical institutions and other organizations. We know that in our hearts with more education awareness and screening, fewer cases of SCA will occur. Fewer precious lives will be lost.

Living For Zachary website HERE.