Metal & Wood – A Perfect Match

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In interior design, balance is EVERYTHING.

When trying to find a perfect balance for your space, use interior design 101: elements you already have like lines, shapes, colors, textures, patterns, light, proportion, and materials.

We really love the dichotomy between wood and metal – the warmth of wood combined with the coolness of metal creates a balanced blend that keeps your eye moving throughout the space. Wood is soft, and has a natural charming quality that makes us feel comforted. It feels “alive” and embracing. Wood has a strong connection with the origins of workmanship itself, evoking memories of the ancestral craftsmanship. Metal has a roughness that reminds us of strength; it’s powerful and attractive in a more masculine way than wood, but just as seductive.

The pairing provides us with a great union of materials: nature combined with an industrial vibe.

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